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Hi, I'm Joshua.

I grew up in a small beach town on the west coast of Florida, and have been impersonating dolphins ever since I first met them in the water.


I live playfully and passionately, I dive deep and leap high for air.

I'm an alum of Florida State University, and a longtime member of the campus favorite "30in60" Sketch Comedy Troupe, performing in live shows to large audiences and producing comedic shorts online.


After graduating pursuing a degree in Advertising & Communication, I changed gears and studied anthropology in Ecuador, living with an indigenous community on the edge of the rainforest. The experience reset my digestive tract and opened my eyes to new worldviews, deepening my curiosity about life. 


Shortly after, I partnered with a non-profit organization, Open Future Institute, and piloted their innovative education program, The QUESTion Project, with students at my university.


As the program grew, The QUESTion Project was invited to be taught as an elective course at a public high school in the Bronx, New York. I traded my cozy Florida bungalow for a small NYC apartment to work full time building the organization and facilitating the QUESTion Project with students and teachers in NYC and beyond.


The project has now been taught to over 12,000 students across NYC and LA. I gave a TEDx Talk about the project.

When opportunities mounted, I moved to Los Angeles to continue my career as a filmmaker.


Since then I have been an associate producer on the feature film "Dog Days", and produced my own award winning short film "Hula Hoop Boy". I've also recently worked as a 2nd-unit director on "Sable Butterflies", and a stunt coordinator on"Cheat Meal".


I've also stumbled my way in heels through a musical, led an improv workshop for corporate professionals in a leopard onesie, sang with a Jazz Band in a church,  ran through WWI era trenches on HBO's Perry Mason while mortars and mustard gas exploded all around me, and MC’d my a Wedding in India.


I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Producing at NYFA, and am working to launch my own media production company specializing in developing impactful content for purpose driven individuals and organizations.

My life experience is the foundation of my optimism. I have no doubt that I am always where I need to be, when I need to be there, alongside those with whom I need to be. It is from this space that I treat my life as a quantum improv scene where nothing is scripted and anything is possible.

The stories that we live out every day inspire me. It is my passion to live my life at full capacity while telling a story that enlivens, inspires, and connects us to our shared humanity.

As an actor, I pull from training at John Markland Studio, Groundlings Improv School, Berg Acting Studios (Shakespeare), Iris Klein Acting Studio (Meisner), and Thomas Waites Acting Studio NYC.

As a martial artist, I am trained in Tai Chi, Wing Chung, JKD, Karate, Taekwondo, American Boxing, and weapons including Katana, Escrima, Nunchaku, and Bow Staff. My training roots include Inosanto Academy, XMA (Mike Chat), and Stunts in Motion (Jack Huang) ​

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